Sweet Delights

At Double Yum, we deliver a range of delicious sweet treats, with our signature eye-catching pavlovas and meringue kisses, exquisite individual tarts, salted caramel and double chocolate brownies, and a wide range of mini-me sized cakes and large layer cakes to suit your occasion.



~ Creme brulee tarts ~

~ Caramelised lemon tarts ~

~ Baked chocolate mousse and orange tarts with sesame brittle~

~ Baked chocolate mousse and salted caramel tarts with raspberry cream~



~Summer berry and raspberry pavlova ~

~ Rhubarb and custard pavlova~

~ Elderflower and rose pavlova with pistachio brittle ~

~ Lemon and raspberry pavlova ~


Meringue Kisses

~ Raspberry and lemon ~

~ Rhubarb and custard~

~ Strawberry and vanilla ~

~ Lemon and lime ~

~Mango and mint~

~ Elderflower and rose~